Enrollment Checklist

Enrollment Checklist

If you are a prospective parent, we are thrilled at the possibility of partnering with you on your child’s educational journey. Once you have scheduled a tour with the school, there are a few items that you will need to bring in to complete the enrollment process. Below is a checklist to ensure smooth sailing!

Schedule a Parent / Guardian Tour

Bring Necessary Documentation to Tour:

A $50 Application Fee When Your Student is Scheduled for their Classroom Visitation
Apply for The McKay Scholarship or Gardiner Scholarship if Applicable


The process for applying to North Florida School of Special Education is as follows:

  1. Schedule a personal tour of the North Florida School of Special Education campus online or by calling Deb Rains, Assistant Head of School at 904-724-8323 ext. 221 or drains@northfloridaschool.org
  2. Download and complete the intake form to bring to your meeting
  3. At the meeting, previous IEP reports and psychological testing are reviewed to determine the student exhibits an intellectual and developmental difference and does not display behaviors which would require less than a 1:4 (Elementary 1), 1:5 (Elementary 2 & 3) or 1:6 (Intermediate and Secondary) classroom ratio.
  4. Parents observe within the grade band class that is anticipated for their student.
  5. If necessary, the Assistant Head of School will visit the student’s current educational setting to observe student behavior and abilities within his familiar environment.
  6. Parents will submit any copies of additional pertinent information such as therapy evaluations, medical documentation or additional educational testing that would benefit the determination of appropriate placement.
  7. During the visit, further academic evaluation may take place if adequate recent documentation is not available.
  8. Upon completion of the visit, the classroom teacher wills submit a summary of the visiting student’s behaviors and academic performance, along with their observations of the student’s appropriateness for the NFSSE program.
  9. The teacher, Assistant Head of School, and Director of Academics will confer to discuss the success of the potential student if enrolled at NFSSE. If deemed appropriate, the family is offered a contract to enroll.