Morning Care & Extended Day

Morning Care & Extended Day 2019-2020

MORNING CARE – Starts August 13, 2019

Contact person: Rina Park

NFSSE offers a before school care program for its students. Morning care is available to all students on regularly scheduled school days. Students may be dropped off any time after 7:30 am and may bring a packed breakfast if desired. This is a time for quiet activities or socializing with friends. Students will report to their classes at 8:45 am. Any student who does not normally attend Morning Care but arrives before 8:45 am will be sent to Morning Care and parents will be billed. Children not registered for Morning Care should not enter the building prior to 8:45 am. Staffing will be provided based on contracted services to keep fees at a minimum. All charges will be billed to your FACTS account at the beginning of August 2019.


  • Grades 1-12 = $65 per month
  • Transition/Post Grads = $20 per month
  • Drop in = $5 daily (charges billed monthly to FACTS)

EXTENDED DAY – Starts August 13, 2019

Contact person: Kiki Examond

NFSSE offers an after-school care program for its students. Extended day is designed to offer a relaxed atmosphere and provide students with social and recreational opportunities, as well as homework assistance. A light, healthy snack will also be provided. This is not a duplication of clubs and is offered as a resource to parents who need care between the hours of 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Extended Day may be utilized 5 days a week, 3 days a week, or on a drop-in basis, as needed. FACTS accounts will be billed monthly. Please note that the rates are monthly and cannot be prorated for absences or holidays. We are not offering care during Teacher Planning days or Winter or Spring Camps.


  • 5 days/week = $300 a month
  • 3 days/week = $ 180 a month
  • Drop in = $20 a day (Please understand we are not set up with staff to be prepared to do an hourly drop-in so there is a single fee, regardless of the length of time needed.)

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