January Awardees of the Month

January Awardees of the Month

NFSSE Employees of the Month:

  • Lenae Lowe
    • “She is one of the most diligent and dedicated people I know. She is cheerful, kind, compassionate, creative and caring. She is extremely loyal and knows how to listen. She is NFSSE’s very own Mary Poppins! “


  • BJ Strawn
    • “BJ always has a positive, “no problem” attitude and he gets things done!!! He goes above and beyond for everyone! What CAN’T this guy do? He never complains, whether he is carting chairs all over the school to prepare for Grandparents Day, stringing a never-ending spider web of fishing line across the atrium ceiling to assist our PSO with book fair decorating, building, fixing, helping to set up for events…. The list goes on and on! We are so grateful for you, BJ”


  • Blair Putz
    • “Blair’s mentorship and guidance have been essential to my transition within my new role. Her ability to exercise her influence cannot go unmentioned, as she encourages me in moments that I doubt myself. When you also consider the impact she has on her students, and the admiration in their eyes when discussing her, it does not take long to realize her value to the culture of the school. Her ability “navigate the ship seamlessly, no matter how rough the water gets” always amazes me.”


NFSSE PSO Volunteers of the Month:

  • Rhonda Pinkerton
    • “Rhonda’s impeccable taste and creativity paints the walls of NFSSE! Whether she is decorating the classroom door for the holidays, transforming the atrium into a magical, ethereal place to take flight, or spearheading her many other endeavors to enrich our students’ lives, her passion and love for our school is remarkable!” We are so grateful for you, Rhonda!


  • Joyce Jenkin
    • “Joyce is a creative genius, whose dedication and love for NFSSE blows everyone away! We are so grateful for her volunteer work with PLU, and of course her magic touch in adding to the book fair décor! Joyce takes us to a “whole new world” on her magic carpet ride of fun!” We are so thankful for you, Joyce!