Our Staff

Staff Directory

Our staff are the collective heartbeat of North Florida School of Special Education. We are educators, cheerleaders, confidants, and coaches, united by a love for our students and an eagerness to see them grow and succeed. North Florida School of Special Education starts and ends with these people.


Sally Hazelip, Head of School
Deb Rains, Assistant Head of School
Kim Namey, Director of Business Operations /Donor Relations
Jessica Waugaman, Director of Advancement
Dawn Vaughn, Director of Academics
Kit Thomas, Director of Annual & Capital Campaigns
Rina Park, Director of Programs/Services
Stacy Santiago, Director of Resources and Enrichment
Allison Mitchell, Admissions and Student Services Coordinator
Carolyn Williams, Human Resource Officer
Nancy Hutchison, Administrative Assistant
Angie Crosten, Administrative Assistant
Sarah Troup, Marketing Manager
Kiki Examond, Extended Day Manager
Jan Spratt, Van Driver


Gary Nuckols, Facilities / Maintenance Manager
Wayde Quisenberry, Facilities / Groundskeeper

Berry Good Farms

Ellen Hiser, Director of Berry Good Farms
Brett Swearingen, BGF Culinary Manager
Natalie Thomas, Culinary Instructor
Marina Peacock, BGF Food Truck Assistant
Katie Dumphy, BGF Café Manager
Stephanie LaRoche, BGF Cafe Assistant
Onya Schroeder, BGF Farm Manager / Mobile Market Manager
Jordan Williams, BGF Farm Manager
Gail Wickenden, Barkin’ Biscuits Manager
Donna Hayes, Barkin’ Biscuits Assistant Manager
Colleen Miller, Barkin’ Biscuits Assistant
Stan Tucker, Cafe Aide
Avery Williams, Cafe Aide


Rebekah Rogers, 1st-2nd Teacher
Lenae Lowe, 1st-2nd Teacher Assistant
Peyton Johnson, 1st-2nd Teacher Assistant
Marion Earnest, 2nd-3rd Grade Teacher
Lauren Kilpatrick, 2nd-3rd Grade Teacher Assitant
Blair Putz, 3rd-4th Grade Teacher
Shannon Darner, 3rd-4th Grade Teacher Assistant
Alisha Bowman, 5th-6th Grade Teacher
Kelli Maroney, 5th-6th Grade Teacher Assistant

Jessica Ricordi, 5th-6th Grade Teacher
Darian Corrao, 5th-6th Grade Teacher Assistant
Julieann Hanrahan, 6th-7th Grade Teacher
Traci Ingram, 6th-7th Grade Teacher Assistant
Kara Omesol, 7th-8th Grade Teacher
Sam Lennon, 7th-8th Grade Teacher
Lauren Busta, 8th-9th Grade Co-Teacher
Liz Oxford, 8th-9th Grade Co-Teacher

Patti Sexton, 9th-10th Grade Teacher Assistant
Dominique Devine, 10th-11th Grade Teacher
Maureen Moseley, 10th-12th Grade Teacher Assistant
Christine Iglesias, 11th-12th Grade Teacher
Brittany Selmon, 11th-12th Grade Teacher Assistant
Cally Rakita, Secondary Teacher Assistant
Marla Anderson, Secondary Teacher Assistent


Ciaran Sontag, Music Teacher
Tanner Graham, Physical Education Coach
Jill Morrow, Art Enterprise Manager
Grace Williams, Art Co-Teacher
Whitney McCown, Art Co-Teacher
Kelly Veihdeffer, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Barbara Charlton
, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Mary Kay Hall,
Physical Therapy
Sis Van Cleve Miller, Equine Instructor
Andrew Sack, Barn Manager
Roberta Cooley, Horticulture / Garden Teacher
Samantha Catanese, Academic Substitute

Transition/Post Grad Program

Ann Atkins, Director of Transition/ Post Graduate Program
Dawn Thomas, Transition Co-Teacher
Madeleine Gilmore, Transition Co-Teacher
Christine Thomas, Transition Teacher Assistant
Nikki Szwedzinski, Teacher of Project Search
Matt Wiley, Employment/Vocational Specialist
Ingrid Fabianova, Employment/Vocational Specialist
Monique Thompson, Employment/ Vocational Specialist
Annette Himmelreich, Cafe Manager/Employment Specialist
Kiki Examond, Employment/Vocational Specialist
John Lee, Employment/Vocational Specialist
Sara Gomez, Employment/Vocational Specialist

Extended Day Program

Kiki Examond, Extended Day Manager
Haley Bowmaster, Assistant
Peyton Johnson, Assistant
Michelle Largent, Assistant
Lauren Kilpatrick, Assistant