At the North Florida School of Special Education, we believe in the power of a legacy crafted by many hands. Volunteering at NFSSE provides you with an opportunity to help shape the future of our students, and fulfill an important role as a change agent in our community.

NFSSE is a hub of year-round activity, and we welcome volunteers with open arms, whether you are a student earning community service hours, an individual volunteer, or part of a corporation or civic group! We promise that you will benefit from your time spent inside the walls of our classrooms, amongst the rows of herbs, fruits and vegetables in our garden, surrounded by the Angels of the Woods on our walking trails or rolling out all-natural dog treats in Barkin’ Biscuits.

As a volunteer, NFSSE has many ways for you to give of your time throughout the year, from helping out with a fundraising project, to lending your talents in our extracurricular activities, to sharing your leadership with an after-school club. You will certainly build lasting friendships with our students and staff and enjoy a few laughs along the way.

For volunteer opportunities, please contact Rina Park, Director of Programs/Services, at 904-724-8323 ext. 1110 or rpark@northfloridaschool.org.


Equestrian Volunteer Registration