At North Florida School of Special Education, we know that our success as a school depends on the people who invest in our mission. The support of foundations, parents, families, community members, volunteers and corporations is vital to the heartbeat of our school, and there is not a day that goes by that we are not grateful for the love that you endlessly pour into us.

By investing in our legacy, you are leaving your own, and our commitment is to weave all of these legacies in to the fabric of our school.

Ways to give

There are endless ways to positively impact our students at North Florida School of Special Education. Each gift, whether monetary, in-kind or of your time, helps to solidify the school as Jacksonville’s leading provider of academic programs, vocational training, job placement services independent living instruction and therapeutic resources to our students with intellectual and developmental differences.

To invest in our students, or to learn about the array of giving opportunities available to you, please contact Jessica Waugaman, Director of Advancement, at 904-724-8323 ext. 222 or