Reverse Inclusion

Reverse Inclusion

North Florida School of Special Education is a frontrunner in the field of Reverse Inclusion, a technique in which typical students and adults visit our school and are immersed in our special education classrooms. They accompany and assist our students in their extra-curricular activities and vocational training. The purpose of Reverse Inclusion is to create a comfortable environment in which our students are able to interact successfully with their typical peers and appropriate role models.

Establish Lasting Friendships

Reverse Inclusion provides our students with a platform to establish lasting friendships with typical students, motivates them to improve their communication skills, and empowers them to interact with others confidently and appropriately. We have witnessed Reverse Inclusion shaping a learning environment in which students are often more successful in reaching their social and emotional goals on their IEP’s.

Reverse Inclusion does not only benefit our students. The typical students and adults that participate in various programs at NFSSE as a part of Reverse Inclusion learn to interact with and establish friendships with students who are different from them. Often, these relationships flourish and extend beyond the classroom and into the community, where typical students and adults are able to combat stereotypes and champion for our students and young adults with intellectual and developmental differences.

Thanks to programs with Episcopal School of Jacksonville, The Bolles School, St. Mark’s Episcopal School, St. Johns Country Day School, University Christian, Christ’s Church Academy, Providence School of Jacksonville, Jacksonville University and University of North Florida, NFSSE continues to grow in the field of Reverse Inclusion.