On-site Therapy

On-Site Therapy

img_8831North Florida School of Special Education has amassed a team of incredible Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists who play a pivotal role in our students’ educational journeys, both 1:1 and within the classroom.

Our Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists utilize their comprehensive knowledge to assist in effectively setting up classrooms and academic presentations by taking into consideration the visual, auditory and sensory processing needs of each student.

The NFSSE team of therapists not only focuses on classroom learning, but on group and individual therapies using advanced approaches. ABA consultations can be arranged between therapists, students and parents if desired.

Through our onsite therapies, we see our students grow and work towards independence and eventually, employability. Our therapists work closely with families to implement social behavior plans that integrate and support both home and school settings.

onsite-therapyNorth Florida School of Special Education offers ancillary events for parents to learn more about our holistic approach to therapy in the form of Parent Resource Nights. Held quarterly, these evenings serve as informational sessions in which we bring in specialists to focus on nutrition, vision, curriculum, and social and transitional services. By participating in these Parent Resource Nights, our families create touchpoints of support throughout the school and are able to further contribute to the success of their students while building community along the way.