Parents and Families

img_3177The parents and families of our students are integral to the success of North Florida School of Special Education’s educational, vocational, social skills and therapeutic programs. We wholly contend that by fostering camaraderie with our parents and families, we are able to offer unsurpassed programs and achieve unparalleled success with each of our students.

We believe in the power of a strong support system, and therefore encourage parents and families to be actively involved in their child’s school experience at North Florida School of Special Education. We regularly inform parents of the status of their student’s progress, and update them on any modifications made to their individualized programs.

Parent Support Organization (PSO)

Another outlet for parental involvement is through our Parent Support Organization. The North Florida School of Special Education’s Parent Association is vital to the success of our school. Whether you are helping to coordinate fundraisers, organizing Grandparents’ Day, or bringing the NFSSE family together for seasonal celebrations, you are building a support system of your own within the NFSSE community and enhancing the NFSSE legacy.

To learn more about PSO opportunities, please contact us at 904-724-8323 or


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