Dream. Believe. Persevere.

Dream. Believe. Persevere.

While dreaming we can safely explore possibilities before mustering the courage to articulate them… before putting faith over fear to pursue them. Dreaming is the easy part, but making dreams come true requires work, perseverance, and time.

This year, six transition students pursued their dreams of employment through Project SEARCH. For the past nine months, they interned at Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology. Project SEARCH prepares young adults with intellectual and developmental differences for competitive employment through classroom instruction and on-the-job training while rotating through six areas of a partnering business.

“The promise to our business partners is always that students will be bringing something to the workforce,” said Ann Atkins, Director of Transition and Postgraduates, “not that it would be more work for the company.” Ann was pleased that this promise proved true once again. Medtronic offered two of the interns employment upon graduation! Jake and Kylie both became proficient at packaging, managing inventory, and problem-solving in the distribution center. Kylie is excited for her new career. “I am happy to help Medtronic!” All the interns gained hard and soft job skills they can take with them to any employer.

We are proud of the interns who were employed immediately. We are proud of those who are pursuing other job leads, and we are proud of those who are persevering with hope for a bright future. One thing I have learned over the years is that perseverance is best done in community… and no matter the obstacle, never give up on your dreams.

As our 30th anniversary year sunsets, I want to thank you for supporting our students as they pursue their best lives. Let’s dream together about the next 30 years!

With gratitude,

Sally Hazelip

Head of School