NFSSE Letter To Our Valued Donors

NFSSE Letter To Our Valued Donors

A note from one of our newest Post Grad employees…

Hello! My name is Leigh Ann Gray, and I have been going to North Florida School of Special Education for three years in the Berry Good Farms Culinary Arts/Food Truck and the Barkin’ Biscuits programs. Last year I was hired as an employee of the Barkin’ Biscuits program!

We make all-natural dog treats in three flavors: Carrot Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter, and Wheatgrass Herb. My favorite flavor to make is the Peanut Butter because it makes the kitchen smell delicious! I like to mix the batter, roll out the dough and cut it into dog bones. When we are done with this step, we put the biscuits into the oven to bake. Then, we let them cool and spread them onto trays to dehydrate. This gives the treats a nice crunch that dogs love! Finally we package the biscuits into boxes to sell. Isn’t it cool that we do all of these steps right here in the kitchen at
our school?!

I like Barkin’ Biscuits because I enjoy helping people. As one of the paid employees, I get to be a leader in the kitchen and help students who need extra assistance. It is very rewarding to earn a paycheck at the end of each week after doing something that I enjoy.”

Thank you for believing in NFSSE. Because of you, our students have life-changing experiences in an environment that is designed to embrace them completely. They make friends. They gain a deep feeling of connection to others. Self-esteem flourishes. Students become resilient and redefine themselves. They come into their own. I look forward to this upcoming year and sharing it with you!

Sally Hazelip
Head of School