Finding The Helpers. This Shout-Out is for You!

Finding The Helpers. This Shout-Out is for You!

Mr. Rogers said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”  The students at NFSSE are exactly who Fred Rogers was speaking of. 

Following Mr. Rogers’ example, North Florida School of Special Education asked parents to share stories of how students are doing good deeds to help others while ‘safer at home’ during the COVID-19 pandemic…. and the stories are pouring in!  

St. John Sends Birthday “Notes”

When St. John heard that his NFSSE bus companion, Charlie, would be celebrating his 9th birthday “safer at home, he wanted to surprise his young friend. St. John played “Happy Birthday” on the piano and sent it to Charlie with the assistance of his mother. Charlie laughed with glee when he saw St. John on the iPad sharing the gift of music on his special day.   

Way to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do to make someone’s day special during the COVID-19 pandemic, St. John. This Shout-Out is for you! 

Caleb Cleaning With a Smile

Caleb is a teenager with enough energy and positivity for five people, and he has been putting it to good use around his house lately. On any given day, Caleb can be found working in the yard with dad, cleaning the floors, cooking dinner and desserts, and best of all, we even saw him giving the toilet a swirl… all with a smile.  

Way to use your positive energy to help your mom and dad, Caleb. This Shout-Out is for you! 

Noah Nails It!

In between schoolwork and downtime, Noah has been finding ways to help out and learn new things. He even helped his mom hang pictures, and now they have a beautiful gallery wall to enjoy.  

Way to use that hammer and nail, Noah. We could use your help decorating the new school. This Shout-Out is for you! 

Trevin’s Take-Out Helps Out

When school moved to home-based learning, postgraduate Trevin missed the many roles he fulfilled at NFSSE, including being a leader in the school recycling program. At home he is putting his vocational skills to work by taking out the trash. 

Way to use your skills to serve your family, Trevin. This Shout-Out is for you! 

Danny Knows Health Starts with a Clean Doorknob

Postgrad Danny has been paying attention to the news and the importance of keeping frequently touched surfaces clean and disinfected, so his family wasn’t surprised to catch Danny wiping down all the doorknobs in the house!  

Way to protect your family, Danny. This Shout-Out is for you!  

Patrick Pitches In

Patrick can always be counted on to lend a hand around school in the postgraduate program, and his family knows that he can be counted on at home, too. Patrick has been pitching in around the house to keep it tidy.  

Way to be a helper, Patrick. This Shout-Out is for you! 

Kaci Blesses COVID-19 Front Line Helpers

Unable to feed the homeless man who has been absent from his usual spot near her house, Kaci opted to bless the healthcare workers at St. Vincent’s/Ascension instead. She and her mom made and delivered a loaf of PB&J sandwiches and package of cookies.  

Way to use your gifts of service and compassion to support the helpers on the frontline of the COVID-19 fight, Kaci. This Shout-Out is for you!  

Wyatt Delivers Happiness and Groceries

Wyatt has been busy with his online learning and working hard on his writing skills. When he turned in a recent assignment, we discovered that Wyatt has been busy serving others, too… from sending an encouraging note to a friend to grocery shopping and delivering groceries to an elderly neighbor.  

Way to find ways to serve others and brighten their day, Wyatt. This Shout-Out is for you! 

Brian’s Serves Up a Lifetime Memory

Brian, a postgraduate at North Florida School of Special Education and employee at Longhorn Steakhouse – Jacksonville Beach, decided to make his parent’s 45th wedding anniversary special when the family cruise was canceled.  Brian dressed in his “Longhorn” work clothes, cooked, photographed, greeted, escorted, served, cleared, cleaned and even took the dog for a walk as they enjoyed a delicious surf and turf dinner next to the pool with beautiful weather.

From the folded napkins to the perfect tenderloins, you gave your parents an evening they will treasure forever, Brian. This Shout-Out is for you!  

(You can see this full story on News4Jax.) 

Claire is Clippin’ for a Cause

Claire is volunteering virtually for the nonprofit, Hope at Hand, by cutting out words from newspapers and magazines. The words Claire is cutting will eventually make their way to poetry workshops for at-risk teens and young adults designed to help build confidence and bring emotional healing.

What a special way to give hope, Claire. This Shout-Out is for you!

AJ’s Recipe for Birthday Delicious-ness

AJ was spotted in the kitchen, following a recipe and baking alongside his Nanny to make someone’s birthday extra sweet!

AJ, we can’t wait to see your skills in the culinary program. This Shout-Out is for you!

Kayla’s in the Kitchen!

Kayla isn’t one to sit and be served. Instead, she is serving up some delicious pasta for her family during the quarantine. We can almost smell the goodness

We love to see you put your culinary skills to work, Kayla. This Shout-Out is for you!

Cassie’s Creature Comforts

Cassie has been spending her time doing what she loves most…caring for animals.  She walks dogs for elderly neighbors between her Facebook Live and Zoom classes.  She’s also been volunteering with the Jacksonville Humane Society.  She’s fostering a senior kitty with special needs and even learning to bottle feed newborn kittens.

We love to see you use your gifts, passions and time to comfort creatures in need, Cassie. This Shout-Out is for you!

We are proud of our NFSSE students for leading by example and continuing to share their light with others. Way to go! 

Kristina’s Green Thumb

Kristina planted tomatoes in early April and has been watering and caring for them ever since. After a month, she staked the plants, and today her family is enjoying the fruits of her labor!

We can’t wait to have your skills back on Berry Good Farms, Kristina. This Shout-Out is for You!

We want to feature your student in the next round of Shout-Outs on our social media and website blog. (We will use first names only.)  Send a photo of your student doing a good deed to Jessica Waugaman at