Student of the Month

Student of the Month

Congratulations to our APRIL Students of the Month!

Each of our students of the month were selected in recognition of Planting Seeds of Acceptance, Kindness, Hope and Strength.

Elementary 1-3Rowan W.

Elementary 3-4Connor G.

Elementary 5Mark M.

Intermediate 6Poppy H.

Intermediate 6-7Lee A. 

Intermediate 7-8Virginia M.

Intermediate 8-9: Caleb P.

Secondary 9Bob G. 

Secondary 10LeRoyal C.

Secondary 11Reese D.

Secondary 12Anna D.  

Online SOMCassie D.

Berry Good Farms Café Barista of the MonthShaley A.

TransitionMike P.

Transition OnlineCole S.

Postgraduate EmployeeCJ S. 

Rider of the Month: Nala C.