Student of the Month

Student of the Month

Congratulations to our January Students of the Month!

Each of our students of the month were selected in recognition of Planting Seeds of Acceptance, Kindness, Hope and Strength.

Elementary 1-3: Macy F.

Elementary 3-4: Morgan C.

Elementary 5: Aleena H.

Intermediate 6: Rebekah M.

Intermediate 6-7: Bonnie C.

Intermediate 7-8: Payton M.

Intermediate 8-9: Brady H.

Lower School Virtual: Aaden M.

Secondary 9: Oliver D.

Secondary 10: AJ A.

Secondary 11: Sean V.

Secondary 12: Wyatt B.

Berry Good Farms Café: Chance C.

Transition: Evan D.

Transition Virtual: Harula I.

Postgraduate Employee: Nathan C.

NFSSE Employees of the Month (staff members): Alisha Bowman, Dawn Thomas & Annette Himmelreich