We Love Our Volunteers! Thank You, Mr. Alberti!

We Love Our Volunteers! Thank You, Mr. Alberti!

Mr. Alberti signs in at the front desk and puts on his nametag. Elementary 3 receives a phone call that he has arrived and students clamor to the classroom door to greet him. Several smiles, hugs, and fist bumps later Mr. Alberti settles into his seat at the front of the class and asks, What’s new? What are you studying this month? Students bring him up to date: someone’s birthday, a lost tooth, and our latest field trip to the Arboretum. We’re studying ecosystems. What is an ecosystem? Mr. Alberti asks. Students look at each other and then share with Mr. Alberti the various living and nonliving parts of an ecosystem.

This is the pattern of our visits with Mr. Alberti: warm greetings, catching up, and then sharing a book or two that relate to our curriculum content. We practice listening skills and showing respect. We answer the- questions and laugh at jokes. He knows our styles of learning.

Mr. Alberti has been guest reading in Elementary classes for almost ten years. In October Mr. Alberti attended our Science Fair rehearsal. His questions and patient listening gave students the opportunity to practice sharing what they learned.

At the end of the visit, Ben and KJ escort Mr. Alberti through the atrium. Secondary and Intermediate students, Gram and Koren, call to him, Mr. Alberti! Mr. Alberti smiles and replies, Good to see you! He then takes off his name tag, signs out, and gives Ben and KJ handshakes. See you next month, boys. See you next month, Mr. Alberti.

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For volunteer opportunities, please contact Ellen Hiser, Director of Berry Good Farms, at 904-724-8323 ext. 245 or ehiser@northfloridaschool.org.