April Assembly Awardees

April Assembly Awardees

NFSSE Employees of the Month (staff members):  

Katy Mixon :

Katy is so willing to do whatever, whenever.  Her easy-going personality has been a delight to work with.  Katy has worked at NFSSE for several years and I’m thrilled she’s now officially a part of the family.  

Amy Hunt:

 Amy went above and beyond to plan and organize field day and is always a team player! She is always answers the call when another co-worker is in need and is so gracious about sharing her space with others 

Adam Tate:

What a wonderful team player Adam is, going above and beyond each day ensuring the bar stays raised high.  Adam maintains a positive, friendly attitude, and creates a fun work environment for both students and staff.  He has done a wonderful job with the school lunch program, as well as stepping up to the plate to volunteer with PLU at Dinner on the Farm in addition to strutting his amazing disco moves in the Talent Show.  He has completely embraced the NFSSE culture and made an impact in the Culinary program.  A joy to work with EVERY day! 

NFSSE PSO Volunteer of the Month:  

Rhonda Pinkerton:

DID YOU SEE THE FABULOUS PROM DECORATIONS? Rhonda goes ABOVE AND BEYOND for NFSSE! Book fair, prom, her generous donations and assistance to the staff, students and parents…The list goes on and on! Thank you, Rhonda!