Developmental Differences Acceptance Month- Gate River Run

Developmental Differences Acceptance Month- Gate River Run

North Florida School of Special Education is proud of Caleb and Wyatt. They ran the Gate River Run on Saturday, and they nailed it!  

This was Caleb’s first time taking on the “Big Green Monster” (the Hart Bridge), and his goal was to complete the race in 2:30. He ended up finishing in 2:28:51—very impressive for his first time!  Caleb is also the first person with Down syndrome to participate in the annual 15K race. Caleb trained since fall in preparation of the event.  

Wyatt loves to run! This is his 4th year completing the Gate River Run. He ran it twice with the school, last year with a running partner and this year with his mom. They encouraged each other throughout the entire process from training all the way to the race. Wyatt won’t be slowing down anytime soon and is excited to keep running in races!  

Way to go Caleb and Wyatt! We are so excited to continue watching you thrive and inspire others!   

This month we are celebrating Developmental Differences Awareness Month and with opportunities and support like this, the sky is truly the limit for people with intellectual and developmental differences!