Impact: Finding JOY

Impact: Finding JOY

Navigating the close of the school year in a global pandemic brought with it a range of emotions for us all, students, families, teachers, and staff. We asked parents to share one word describing their experience.

It was certainly a roller coaster with its ups and downs, but as we come out of this season, I hope you will pause to remember and treasure those moments of blessing and joy….refreshing, grateful, thankful, blessed.

We all experienced the full range of emotions during COVID-19, but it is our choice which ‘words’ we allow to shape us. I want to share an excerpt from a note that I received from a parent when I was on the roller coaster this Spring. It was balm to my soul.

“Our entire family is so grateful for the support we get while navigating our daughter, Mae’s education at home. It is such a change for us, but also a blessing to have this special insight into what she does daily.

Each day Mae is excited to participate in her morning Zoom meeting, and her brothers join to make a class. Mr. Sontag’s music time and her daily class zoom meeting are what motivate her when she does not want to do anything but sing Frozen 2 songs all day.

She is excited to “teach” us how Miss Rogers, Miss Lowe, or Miss Johnson do the lessons. We watch our NFSSE teachers’ videos throughout the week. Having a choice makes it so much fun for all of us!

I am in a unique situation. I have eight children and three school systems that we must navigate with distance learning. What sets NFSSE apart is the JOY with which this is all done. JOY in every communication, zoom meeting, FB Live post, and message from the school. JOY is something this world thirsts for in these confusing times, and NFSSE provides it in spades.”

I am grateful and blessed by these words and our NFSSE family.

Sally Hazelip

Head of School