Jaguars Kicker Josh Lambo Helps Students Score

Jaguars Kicker Josh Lambo Helps Students Score

Jacksonville Jaguar Kicker Josh Lambo puts in countless practice hours as one of the top players in the NFL, but this pro also invests his time off the field to better lives in the community. As impressive as his stats are on the field, his impact in the community is even more outstanding.

Lambo has become a star in the eyes of North Florida School of Special Education students and faculty with his ongoing commitment to the school. From impromptu concerts with his band, to kicking around a soccer ball with students, to financially supporting the library program, Lambo has shown himself to be a true MVP.

During his first few visits to the School, very few students knew he was the only NFL kicker with 100% field goal attempts at home; they knew him as “Mr. Lambo,” the fun volunteer who would help in art classes. Quickly they realized that they were hanging out with one of the Jaguars’ top players which made the time he spent with them so much more special.

Over the course of the last school year, the students at NFSSE were cheered on by Lambo as they played, learned and grew. Lambo supported the students’ “Reading and Riding” campaign, helping them to gain literacy skills and the love of books that he grew up with.

When the COVID-19 crisis forced the transition to home-based learning in March, Lambo continued to be a presence in students’ lives. He joined Zoom class calls and read books to the students from home with his dog by his side. Students appreciated the added sense of normalcy and teachers loved his enthusiastic support.

NFSSE Head of School, Sally Hazelip, said, “He has a remarkable gift. It is incredible to watch him engaging with our children so effortlessly, and authentically working to improve the lives of people in our community.”

Not just a supporter of the students at NFSSE, Lambo puts his time and energy into showcasing and supporting local musicians with Daily’s Place digital concert series Session 904. While Lambo might be a big cat on the field, he is also a dog lover who partners with Jacksonville-based Pet Paradise in the community and supports local nonprofit Furever Urs Rescue – Fur Sisters in their mission to find forever homes for dogs in rural shelters.

Lambo’s impact on NFSSE and community is obvious, even to the youngest observers. Caleb McCord, NFSSE middle school student summed it quite simply, “Josh Lambo is powerful.” North Florida School of Special Education is grateful to have such a powerful partner as it navigates teaching and fundraising in these unprecedented times.