Impact: Planting Seeds of Acceptance

Impact: Planting Seeds of Acceptance

This year, I invite you to embrace the school theme of Planting Seeds.

What is planting a seed? It is a simple act of setting something in motion that will create the life you want to lead. It encourages both peaceful connections and the intent to transform. The very act of planting a seed requires time and patience, two things we never seem to have enough of but when we find them, it can be magical. A seed needs to change to grow. When the seed blooms, everyone can see the beauty. I have been privileged to watch our school and our students change, grow and blossom into something exceptional.

I want to find ways that our school, our students, and our network of supporters to plant seeds of acceptance, kindness, hope, and strength. Through our actions, we will attract positivity to our lives like a butterfly to a flower.

When I think about planting seeds of acceptance, I am reminded that the word “acceptance” is one we are passionate about at North Florida School of Special Education. We talk to our students about self-acceptance and we teach acceptance to the community of individuals with intellectual and developmental differences.

These days, “acceptance” has taken on another meaning for many of us. We have had to accept our new reality of wearing masks, turning down hugs for elbow bumps, and the reality that any day could see a change to how we operate again.

Additionally, we see the community struggle with social justice issues and, at times, a feeling of anger. I am again reminded to embrace the qualities of a seed and how change is inherent in its nature.

I want us to find the beauty in planting seeds of acceptance.

Just as there is beauty in self-acceptance and the way our students are loved so deeply by the people in their lives, there is grace in accepting the current situation we find ourselves in. We can plant a seed of acceptance within ourselves and celebrate that our students are thriving in a school designed to support them regardless of whether they are on campus or learning virtually from home.

Join us as we sow the seeds of our garden with acceptance, kindness, hope, and strength.

Sally Hazelip

Head of School