Remembering Scott Through Avocados

Remembering Scott Through Avocados

On Wednesday, Berry Good Farms students picked several avocados from the Scott Bledsoe Rhyming Tree adjacent to our running track. It was an emotional reunion for many in attendance.
Scott Bledsoe worked at the farm several years ago. His personality, relatability, and kind heart impacted not only the postgraduate students who worked on the farm but also the NFSSE community. Scott tragically died in 2015. “Scott had a beautiful spirit,” explained Head of School Sally Hazelip. “This tree represents Scott not only because he loved the color green and our gardens. It represents him because of the love that he had for our students and NFSSE.”

Dickson with Scott Bledsoe at Berry Good Farms in 2014

Also in attendance were Scott’s mom and dad whose impact on our school lives daily through the Scott Bledsoe Scholarship. While the event was filled with emotions, his parents explain that it’s the joy of knowing how much NFSSE did for him. “It’s mind boggling to come back to campus and see how much has changed. Jumping in the car and coming here changes your whole perspective on life. It lifts you up,” says Lee Bledsoe. “I hope God gave Scott a chance today to view all this, and he would be so thrilled and honored that his name is associated with the school.”

The Bledsoe’s enjoy spending time with our farmers including Dickson

The Bledsoe’s were especially touched by many of the young adults who still remember Scott including Dickson who was especially close to him. The event was organized by Tim Armstrong who played such a crucial role in planting the roots of Berry Good Farms and worked alongside Scott. The students picked more than a dozen avocados from the Brogdon avocado tree which were ready for harvest, and there are many more which will continue to provide fruit this season. “For me, it’s an honor to work with our students to nurture our land and to take care of our trees like our Avocado so that each year we can receive the benefits that they give back to us in the form of their fruit. Getting to harvest these Avocados with the students and with Scott’s family was truly special to be a part of,” says Farm Manager Jordan Williams. “Long time farmers like Dickson M. regularly remind me that the Avocado “Rhyming Tree” is here in memorial of Scott and just how special he was to work with.”
Thanks to the Bledsoe’s for coming to our campus, Tim for his wonderful idea, and, of course, all of our Berry Good Farms employees!